#1 - Sunshine Hunter

A murderer, a stalker, and a lying boyfriend. Susan Hunter manages a weight loss center by day and plays racquetball at night, but now she’s run off to Florida ... and she’s accused.
Sunshine Hunter is FREE!

#2 - Big Apple Hunter

A weekend trip to New York City puts Susan’s life in danger when criminals follow her home to Carbide City in search of something she lost in The Big Apple.

#3 - Sin City Hunter

Susan is in Las Vegas for a week of work and play. When a janitor is murdered, Susan knows who did it ... and the killer knows that she knows!


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Cover art by Gillian Soltis. Please write to Maddie for Gillian’s contact information.
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#4 - Big Easy Hunter

A serial rapist and a cat burglar have the residents of Carbide City on edge. When Susan is accused of being the cat burglar, she leaves town and heads to New Orleans to attend a wedding. She finds even more trouble in The Big Easy.  

#5 - Windy City Hunter
It’s two weeks before Christmas, and Susan and Darby are in Chicago for a cooking competition. The weekend takes an unexpected turn when one of them is charged with murder!
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#6 - Maple Leaf Hunter
Susan is on her way to Canada for business and a romantic weekend with Mick. A Sasquatch, stolen gold, and a kidnapping turn Susan’s time away into a vacation she’ll never forget!

#1 - Murder Under Construction

When Jo Ravens crashes her nephew’s bike in a construction site, she lands on a girl with a knife in her chest. Jo enlists her sister Pepper and journalist friend Jackie to help solve the murder. Things become creepy for Jo when the murdered girl appears in Jo’s dreams to offer unusual clues to her death. Murder Under Construction is FREE!

#2 - Murder Is Where the Heart Is

Amateur private investigator Jo Ravens is reunited with her ex-husband when there is a murder in the family.

#7 - Buckeye Hunter
Susan travels to Southeast Ohio to assist in the grand opening of a Slimmers Weight Loss. There she meets Jo, Pepper, and Jackie - local sleuths from Two Sisters and a Journalist. Of course, murder ensues.
#3 - Murder Welcomes You to Buxley
Jo Ravens and her sister Pepper meet Susan Hunter when they check out the new Slimmers Weight Loss in town. When there’s a murder before they leave the center, journalist Jackie is on the scene, too.
#4 - Murder Wins the Game
A pan of lasagna, a murdered client, and Mama determined to win the lottery turn the life of private investigator Jo Ravens upside down. Being called to serve jury duty in the midst of the turmoil only adds to Jo’s foul mood and difficult week.
#5 - Murder Between the Covers
Mix numerous murder suspects with the Buxley legend of stolen Confederate gold, and you have a romp through a week with Jo Ravens as she attempts to prove the murder, overcome her fear of Glenn’s basement, and help at the grand opening of Estelle’s Emporium of Wonders.
#6 - Murder - A Chummy Affair
Private investigator Jo Ravens and her sister Pepper are in a world of trouble when Jo is accused of attempted murder and Pepper is wanted for an actual murder. Now Pepper is on the run and holed up in a secret hideout while Jo looks to find the real killer.
#7 - Murder Wears A Veil
While on vacation in Hawaii, Jo witnesses a murder and keeps the details to herself. Realizing she could be subpoenaed back to Hawaii for a trial, she does all she can to solve the murder from her home in Ohio. Aunt Addie wants to help but is a thorn in Jo’s side.
#8 - Murder Breaks the Bank
Two weeks before Thanksgiving, a man hires the investigative firm of Two Sisters and a Journalist to protect him. Jo Wheeler accompanies him to the bank with disastrous results. Mama preparing a comedy routine for open mic night at a local pub adds to Jo’s mounting headache.
Stanley Pearl
Stanley Pearl’s boring accountant life is turned upside down after his wife leaves him. When one of his clients is abducted, Stanley soon realizes he has something the captors want. Stanley’s desire is to return the item while staying alive long enough to pursue a relationship with Teresa, the sweetest woman he has ever met.
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